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Recent posts by BF_Ryan
Truck: BF News in Front Page News
Welcome to Battlefinder!
To get started, simply create an account including your ZIP code and radius (The distance you'd like to travel for an event). This allows our system to match people with events.

In order for the site to work as intended, we need YOU to participate. Tell your friends, tell the management of your favorite game store!

Battlefinder is also pleased to present a new mobile version of our systems.
2015 Mar 3 at 20:57

Truck: A few suggestions.. in Game Additions
I agree! The "how to use" thread will be up tonight to answer any questions on using Battlefinder.
2012 May 8 at 18:52

Truck: A few suggestions.. in Game Additions
Anyone is currently able to click on "events" and "add event" to create events for any listed game. Brushfire will need to be checked out prior to being added to our list. If everything looks legit and it's a widely available game we'd be more than happy to add it to the list!

I see a bit of information about the game on Facebook and Kickstarter, and will check out a bit more tonight. Nice artwork!
2012 May 8 at 18:41

Truck: Battlefinder Contact? in General
If there are more tabletop games / board games / CCG that people play often, you can post here "i'll sticky something for it"
2012 May 8 at 18:30

Truck: CCG News in Front Page News
CCG News Coming Soon
2012 May 8 at 18:03

Truck: TTM News in Front Page News
TTM News Coming Soon!
2012 Apr 15 at 14:24

Truck: Forum Rules in General
Here is a basic list of rules we expect each user to follow. Any posts that are a direct violation of them can result in a permanent ban.

1) Do not advertise on our forums, no exceptions. Advertisment is offered through the site with proper ad targeting.

2) Do not slander people in these forums. This is absolutely not tolerated and will result in immediate action.

3) Do not spam post. Please refrain from posting nonsense simply to raise a post count.

4) Do not under any circumstances attempt to circumvent the match making system via forums. This will result in an instant suspension and investigation, and if continued will result in a ban from battlefinder for the user AND store they represent.

There will be more rules to follow, but this feels like a good start.
2012 Mar 25 at 20:57

Truck: Battlefinder Disclaimer in Trading Rules and Restrictions
Coming Soon
2012 Mar 25 at 20:56

Truck: Battlefinder Trading Rules in Trading Rules and Restrictions
Coming Soon
2012 Mar 25 at 20:54

Truck: How to get the most out of Battlefinder in General
How to get the most out of Battlefinder

This system is designed to get people playing games, period. Whether at a local game store, at home, or a coffee shop, we enjoy playing games. Battlefinder is a platform that helps connect people that enjoy similar games.

This site is probably different from what most people have seen, but is easily utilized once the basic systems are understood.

Here are the functions that a "user" can interact with;

Forums "of course". Please follow the rules, though!

Events system
This allows people to connect with each other based on specific games. There are two systems that you may notice to the left of this post. The first system "Store Events" are exactly that. These are events that a store account has posted that take place inside a brick and mortar store OR at an official event. The second system "Pickup Games" are for users to seek games with other local users. To do this, simply click Events, create pick up game, and fill out the form to post that you are seeking a game.
Please refrain from abusing this system, as spamming will result in suspension of your account.

Friend system
This allows players who want to keep in touch to utilize the basics of social networking. To add a Battlefinder user to your friends list there are a few easy steps. The first way is through the forum. If you want to add a forum user as a friend, simply click their username in a post and in the bottom of their information card click "add friend". The next option is a search function. Click "account" in the top right of the screen. Select "edit friends", and in the correct box add their username, or real name and click "add". Once they accept your friend request you will be able to view their recent forum posts and chat via instant messaging. More features will be added for friends in the near future!

Market System
This is a barter / trade system for users to use openly. The rules are similar to other barter websites. If you spam the barter forums, you will be suspended. Repeat offenders are banned. Do not use this area for advertisement or any store promotions etc. Be sure to read the rules before posting!

To use the Market system, simply click "market" at the top of the site, hover over "buy / sell / trade" and select the game.

Game Info
This system is fully functional, but currently lacking content. This is intended to show how games work by order of manufacturer. If you are the owner of a game, or have a great video or written guide with images for a game system please don't hesitate to send it to us. After a quick review the guide will be posted for all to see!

Account System
This is pretty self explanatory. Here you can edit everything pertaining to your account. If you click "account" and then "edit", you can view all the possible changes you can make for your Battlefinder account. If you travel or would like to see events at any location in the United States, simply add additional zip codes within your account, separated by a single space between zip codes.
2012 Mar 25 at 20:54


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